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ATA research is a strategic research and advisory firm. We deliver analysis, market research and complex data management from our network of world leading experts and academics. We help businesses improve efficiency and make the most of their data by drawing on talent from around the world and cross industries to ensure that each project is tackled in a unique fashion.

We also provide unique marketing opportunties for businesses seeking to contact influencers and analysts.. We provide a range of tools and reports, available for download, focused on specific areas of the enterprise. Visit our Research Store to browse the available tools. ATA Research is the research division of all-the-analysts.com.

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pdf docEngage Employees With Career Planning And Succession Development 
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pdf doc Develop A Mobile Application 
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pdf doc  The Chinese Mobile Entertainment Market

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pdf doc  Vendor and Software Selection

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pdf doc  Moving: An IT Perspective

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pdf doc  Securing your IT department

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 pdf doc  The US Mobile Web Market: Taking advantage of the iphone phenomenon

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