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JBB Research

JBB Research is a leading research and consulting company specialized in the Wireless space. JBB Research focuses on developed markets like North America and Western Europe as well as emerging markets like Africa, the Middle East, South America and China.

JBB Research specializes in mobile OS, mobile devices, mobile browsers, 3G/4G mobile services and apps (e.g. M2M apps, mobile UGC, mobile web, LBS, advertising, etc.), and 4G network technologies (e.g. LTE, WiMAX). JBB Research analysts are frequently quoted in publications and newswires like, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, WirelessWeek, Fortune magazine, Forbes, FierceWireless, WirelessWeek, Telephony Online,, etc.


The U.S. Mobile Web Market: Taking Advantage of the iPhone Phenomenon