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Engaging with Analysts
Connecting with influencers

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Table of Contents

  • Understanding Influence

  • Analysis of Search Trends

  • Buzz Words

  • The Blogosphere

  • The Individual vs Brand

  • Analyst Firms Online

  • Recommendations

  • Additional Material

  • Contact Details

  • Methodology

    List of Figures

    1. Analyst firms by number of views
    2. Individual Analyst vs Company Brand
    3. News Items Per Day By Analyst
    4. Blog Items Per Day By Analyst
    5. News Items/ Day By Analyst Firm
    6. Blog Items/ Day By Analyst Firm
    7. Analysis Of Search Trends
  • 13 Pages, $60
  • Demonstrate value with clear data
  • Get influencers speaking about your products
  • Vital reading for all those in the tech industry


    Successfully developing your business in the current climate means connecting more effectively with customers for less cost. Ensuring that users of your products are engaged and interested in the value you offer is more difficult than ever as traditional marketing methods are often ineffective.

    Analysts and Influencers in your market are one of the most effective ways to drive sales and this reports analyses the main aspects of influencer marketing in the technology industry. It looks at how analysts can drive sales and provides data and recommendations on how SMBs can best take advantage.

    This report will be of relevance to anyone seeking to influence buyers or understand the market.

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