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  IT Operations - Aligning IT & Business Goals  
Optimize the value that IT contributes to the enterprise  

IT Fundamnetals is the first in a series of tools and resources
from our partners at InfoTech

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The purpose of Business & IT Alignment is to optimize the value that IT contributes to the enterprise. Use this step-by-step program – rich with proven tools & research - as the first step to successfully outlining a strategic roadmap for your organization.

An organization has successfully aligned IT strategy to business strategy when there is:

  • A shared understanding of how IT applications, technologies and services will contribute to business objectives – today and in the future.
  • A shared focus on where to expend scarce resources, time and money; the tradeoffs the enterprise is prepared to make.
  • A credible working relationship between the IT organization and the rest of the business evidenced by reliable daily operations, responsive problem management and predictable, innovative solution delivery.

Info-Tech’s Aligning IT & Business Goals program includes tools & related research to complete three main steps:

  1. Set Conditions to Achieve Alignment
  2. Determine IT Value Imperatives
  3. Assess IT Organizational Alignment
  4. Develop IT Vision and Mission

When you have completed our Aligning IT & Business Goals program you will have:

  • Support from key executives to participate in developing the IT Strategy.
  • An understanding of how emerging technologies, applications and trends can or will impact your enterprise and your IT organization.
  • Clear expectations of how IT will contribute to reaching the company’s business goals and objectives.
  • A defined articulation of IT’s role in, and value to, the enterprise for the strategic horizon.

List of Resources Included:


  • Stakeholder Guidelines and Analysis Tool
  • IT Strategy and Roadmap Scope Statement
  • SME IT Strategic Plan Template
  • Kickoff Meeting Template
  • Stakeholder Needs Analysis Matrix
  • Assessing Enterprise Strategy Tool
  • Enterprise Strategy and Goals Tool
  • Key Success Factors Analysis Tool
  • Innovator, Housekeeper or Survivor Questionnaire
  • IT Imperatives Tool
  • IT/Business Alignment Measurement Tool
  • Priority Index
  • Project Ranking Framework
  • IT Service Model Alignment Tool
  • IT/Business Interaction Model
  • IT Vision Meeting Agenda
  • IT Vision and Mission Statements Template

Related Research

  • Managing Business Expectations of IT Projects
  • Simple IT Strategy Better Than No IT Strategy
  • Improve IT/Business Alignment with Solid Planning
  • Champion Clear Communications for Project Wins
  • Are you an Innovator, Housekeeper or Survivor?
  • How To Become An Innovator
  • Moving Out of Survivor Mode
  • The Goal of IT/Business Alignment: Why so Elusive?
  • Give IT and Business an Attitude Alignment
  • Five Ways to Improve IT/Business Alignment
  • Create an IT Plan without a Business Strategy
  • How Aligned Are You?
  • Structurally Fit: IT/Business Organization Alignment
  • Develop a Process for Managing IT Service Delivery
  • Internal SLAs: Business Expectations Must Match IT Resources


Each bundle is a zipped file housing customizable Word templates and Excel Tools. Simply unzip, add your company logo, and you're good to go.



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