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Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech provides IT research and advice to more than 21,000 IT professionals worldwide. Our practical, actionable research is specifically designed to have a clear and direct impact on your organization. Info-Tech's products and services help our clients work faster and more effectively.

Our research improves the IT decision-making process, expedites critical IT projects and helps our clients keep current – enabling them to achieve greater personal and corporate success.

Info-Tech's products and services combine actionable insight and relevant advice with ready-to-use tools and templates that cover the full spectrum of IT concerns.

Info-Tech helps IT Professionals to:

  1. Quickly get up to speed with new technologies
  2. Make the right technology purchasing decisions - fast
  3. Deliver critical IT projects, on time and within budget
  4. Manage business expectations
  5. Justify IT spending and prove the value of IT
  6. Train IT staff and effectively manage an IT department

Our practical approach is designed to have a clear and measurable positive impact on your organization's bottom line.


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