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  Benefits and Costs of Desktop Virtualization  
Desktop virtualization will take off in 2010 with 40% of organizations already piloting planning, piloting, or implementing solutions twitter
from our partners at InfoTech Research
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    SUMMARY ATA research   Contents

A set of core IT policies is absolutely necessary to establish transparency and set expectations. To be effective, policies must be enforced; otherwise, your time and effort will be wasted.

Almost 60% of organizations have poor IT policy adherence, with shoddy enforcement the biggest culprit. Poor enforcement leads to titanic legal, financial and ethical risks for the enterprise. Effective policy enforcement demands tracking and reporting of policy violations.

This solution set will help you create a solid platform for delivering and enforcing high-quality IT policies

  • Info-Tech offers 21 sample policies for common areas where IT needs to exert control.
  • Create a full, customized, durable policy portfolio in weeks instead of months.
  • Bring much needed clarity, consistency and precision to the IT policies you have to write.
  • Engage business leadership in policy support and enforcementĀ  to remove barriers to long-term success.






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