Engage Employees With Career Planning And Succession Development

The unexpected departure of a critical staff member can constitute a crisis - use this solution set to ensure you are prepared...

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Replacing an employee costs 50-200% of that person’s annual salary. Succession development cuts these costs to less than 5-10% of salary if the right strategy, policy and culture are in place.

This solution set helps you begin your succession development rollout with staff contingency planning for critical roles, and then expand to include long-term career development.

Collaborate with candidates to map tailored career development plans. Different “manager versus tech guru” career paths exist across IT, so don’t limit options.
Offer diverse training mechanisms, including preparation for the political elements of future roles. Hold staff and supervisors accountable for hitting development goals.
Development does not stop once the promotion happens.

Set success measurement metrics, provide end-to-end transition support, and fix performance problems.






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