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  Get Moving with Server Virtualization  
Make sure you are on the path to a virtualized infrastructure environmentwith these vital tools twitter
from our partners at InfoTech Research
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    SUMMARY ATA research   Contents

Server virtualization is a journey that starts with server consolidation where acquisitions savings is the main force promoting the business case. Combined with this a desire for demonstrated facilities savings and cost avoidances.   

Vendors position virtualization as a cost saver and utilization booster through consolidation. However, beyond server consolidation, tangible cost savings are more elusive. Real benefits derive from server management which can be more difficult to determine.

This set shows you how virtualization saves money and will lead to a more efficient and responsive infrastructure.

Start virtualizing now

  • Drive immediate savings while laying the foundation for nimble and efficient infrastructure
  • Balance achievement of immediate cost savings goals with creation of an efficiently managed virtual server infrastructure





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