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  Make Sure The DRP Is Ready For Disaster  
40% of enterprises never test DR because they don’t know how - use this solution set to ensure your organization is prepared for the worst twitter
from our partners at InfoTech Research
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Responding to disaster requires more than just IT skills - you need to make sure you have the team in place to take action when disaster strikes.

Have you invested in ensuring that your Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is actionable?

Having an effective process in place for disaster recovery is vital as is having the right team. Many DR efforts fail because the team responsible do not have the correct skills or procedures have not been tested out.

DR testing should be designed to find weaknesses and problems and allow the team to respnd to an actual disaster with calm execution of the plan. However 40% of enterprises never test DR because they don’t know how.

This solution set provides the tools and insight necessary to ensure that your DRP can be implemnted effectively and quickly should disaster strike.





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